The Essential Housing Program


More Than Expected, Less Than You'd Think.

Everyone deserves a great place to live that doesn’t cost their entire month’s salary. Enter our groundbreaking Essential Housing program, designed to maximize the value middle-income earners get for their hard-earned money. Curious about who qualifies as a middle-income earner? It's simple. We cater to those who earn more than the traditional affordable housing income limits but not excessively above the local average.

Say goodbye to sky-high rental rates! We’ve revolutionized the rental game by aligning our prices with the area's average median income. This means you can upgrade your life by indulging in all the perks of residing in our meticulously managed, vibrant community while downsizing your expenses. We prove that affordable living doesn't mean compromising on luxury and convenience.

Depending on your tier, you may be qualified to pay less than the advertised rates you see online. Check out the calculator below to determine what your rental rate could be.



The Heart of Our essential housing program, you.

Our teams are all about YOU, the residents who make this place come alive. We're not just your average community, oh no! We're all about curating hyper-local and super-cool partnerships that bring the neighborhood together. Think vibrant events, awesome programs, and connections that'll make your community a better place. We're here to leave a lasting impact, to make our community and our residents more connected than ever before.


All Perks. Low Price.

Here's the real icing on the cake: With our pocket-friendly rates, you'll have more disposable income to fuel your wildest dreams. Say "yes" to those unforgettable experiences, spontaneous adventures, and the things that truly matter most to you. It's time to seize the day and live life to the fullest while simultaneously living in a well-maintained, professionally managed community full of exceptional amenities and unit interiors you're proud to call home.

Living Local. Thriving Economically.

Rising housing costs got you feeling like you're living in a financial labyrinth? Us too. By offering affordable prices that make sense, we're not just helping you thrive, but we're also giving Mother Earth a high-five. Because when we choose to live local, we're reducing carbon footprints, promoting health and happiness, tackling racial inequality, and saying no to homelessness. So join us on this epic adventure of affordable, sustainable, and downright awesome living.


Better Partners. Better Vibes

We’re partnering with companies that concentrate on the good stuff, like creating a healthier environment, supporting local and giving back to the community. Check out a few of our key partners below.

  • Move for Hunger
  • Little Free Library Locations

Relentless Innovation. Impressive Improvements.

We're dedicated to infusing innovation and investment into our community to ensure that our residents take pride in where they live, and our team takes pride in where they work. Just because we charge you less, doesn't mean we don't give you more!


*Rental rates, income figures, and availability are subject to change. Please see the leasing team for details. Income and household size are to be verified before the tier is confirmed.